KID01   KIDNEE         for kidney disorder and urinary infection

OR01    ORTOX           for treatment of bone, muscle, tendon

SK01     SKINDEE       for skin disease

PU01    PUDEE           for peptic ulcer and Gastroenteritis

HT01    HATTY            for heart disorder and pulpitation

FAT01  FATLOOSE     for cholesterol and reduce fatty body

GY01 GYNE                  for treatment of  menstrual disorders and vaginal discharge

PUL01 PULMO            for treatment of inflammation of the lung

COL01 COLLAGEN    for bone, skin, body and face

DM 01 DM DEE           for DM

VIRA VIGRAO             for impotence

SL 01 SLIMMY             for obesity and laxative

MU 01 SAHAT              for severe muscle relaxant

MU 02 AYUR                for muscle disorder

FEV 01 FEVELESS      for fever and URI

SK 02 PLAMO              for skin and allergy

HI 01 HIVEE                to increase immune system

CAN 01 CANSEE         for cancer